By sharing the experience I’ve picked up over the years and new links found online,Sheepish Music helps musicians write a higher standard of music.

The Goal

If I can help just 1 person become a better musician here then this blog has been successful, because sharing knowledge is a way to live forever. Just a passionate musician and a theory nerd always looking for how to make new, original music by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Who am I?

Originally a guitarist since 12 years old I remember a friend of mine dying and as a cheesy kind of tribute I learned Stairway To Heaven and performed it at a school show. It was the first time I had tried so hard at anything and once I was done I just felt great playing music. Since then I taught guitar for 3 years, and began getting heavily into lyric writing, composition and of course guitar. My music tastes began with Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, then spanned into Progressive Rock, Musicals, Instrumental and a touch of everything I could hear. It’s very tough to give a perfect description but my latest listening’s at http://www.last.fm/user/metropolis_pt_2.


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